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Visit Valdese, NC founded by Waldensian settlers who came from the Cottian Alps of Italy in 1893. Spend some time at the local Waldensian Heritage Museum. While in Valdese, don't miss visiting the Trail of Faith, an outdoor series of fifteen exhibits from early settler life, including replicas of homes, churches, and industries. It chronicles the significant events of the flight of the Waldensians from the Cottian Alps of Italy to the foothills of North Carolina, where they founded Valdese. For further information and tour reservations, call the Valdese Tourism Department (828) 879-2126 or toll free 888-VALDESE.

The history of the Waldensian Presbyterian Church is so intertwined with the history of the town of Valdese, it is impossible to study one without learning of the other. One example of this is the fact that when it was apparent that the community could not economically survive based on agriculture, the Church lent money to help start industry. In education and industry, as well as in the religious life of the community, the Church served and serves today as the center of the Waldensian life in Valdese. In essence, the Waldensian Presbyterian Church is blessed with people - all kinds of people - worshiping together, learning together, and serving together. We are a church family of individual members and families who care for one another.


Riforma, the weekly newspaper of the Italian Methodist, Waldensian, and Baptist Churches. (Italian only)

Confronti, an interfaith magazine, published since 1989 (but originated in 1974 by the ecumenical ministry of the Waldensian pastor Giorgio Girardet). The magazine and its educational programs are actively supported by the Waldensian Church.

NEV, the weekly press agency of the Federation of Protestant Churches in Italy. Some pages are available in English.


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